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Omelette Wraps November 14, 2008

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These are served cold, like a pita bread wrap… but use an omelette instead of flat bread. Makes 4

6 eggs
2 spring onions, finely chopped
Snow pea shoots
Coriander leaves
1 carrot sliced into very fine sticks
ham, cooked BBQ chicken etc.

Or other fillings…

In a large jug, crack eggs, then add onion, pinch of salt and 2tb cold water. beat well.

Make this egg mixture into an omelette by lightly spraying a frying pan with olive oil spray, pour out 1/4 of the mixture out, moving the pan to cover the base. Cook until the egg has set, then flip and lightly cook the other side. Allow to cool slightly before using.

To make the wraps, take one omelette, place the filling onto it and roll up. Use baking paper and some ribbon to keep it tied together. You can spread a mixture of mayonnaise and sweet chilli sauce, or other condiments on the omelette to season it if you like.


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