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Homemade Toffees November 15, 2008

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Toffee Recipe #1
Mix 3 parts sugar to one part cold water in a saucepan. Using a metal spoon, stir well over a low heat until the sugar has dissolved. The mixture should be clear. Once dissolved, bring to the boil, boiling for 12-15 mins until it is a light golden colour. Use a pastry brush to remove crystals that form around the edge of the mixture through this boiling period. Pour into patty pans, or over roasted peanuts

Toffee Recipe #2
Use butter to coat a saucepan, then combine 2 cups white sugar, 1 cup water, 2 tsp vinegar, a few drops vanilla or flavoured essence. Mixture is ready when a little dropped into a glass of water cracks. Pour into patty cases and chill.

Toffee Recipe #3
Mix 2c sugar, ½ cup Liquid glucose and ½ cup Water. Bring to the boil, and when temp reaches 150 ºC add 2 – 4 drops colouring and 1-2 teaspoons flavouring. Mixture should crack when at the right temp. Pour onto greased tray and as edges begin to harden, cut with scissors into pieces (or pour into blobs and insert stick to make lollypops). Store dusted with icing sugar to prevent sticking


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