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Chilli Cheese Fries November 16, 2008

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This recipe (of sorts) comes from a friend, and this is what she calls it.

Its more of an idea than a recipe….

1). Take a plate/tray/dish of cooked chips (bought or oven fries) or wedges, or even steamed or roasted quartered baby potatoes works….

2). Top with a tin of cooked “Stag Chilli” (I’m told to only use the lean beef one)

3). Top with grated cheese…..

Either eat as is or put into the oven (microwave) and heat until the cheese melts. I like a dolop of sour cream on top 🙂 You’ll need a fork as the resulting dish is a kind of beany-cheesy-chippy mess, but its gooooooooood!


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