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Coconut Balls (Dreams) November 16, 2008

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I know these as “Dreams”, but other people might know them as Coconut truffles, or some other name.

1 packet of plain biscuits (like “Nice” or something similar)
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
1 cup of desiccated coconut
2 tablespoons of cocoa

Optional – Marshmallows

1). Blend the biscuits into crumbs. Either use a food processor, or place them in a freezer bag and bash them with a rolling pin (tons of fun!).
2). Mix the biscuits, cocoa, milk and 1/2 the coconut together, and form this into balls (Optional, form them around a marshmallow – you might want to cut the marshmallows into 4 and make smaller ones that are more bitesize though).
3). Roll the balls in the remaining coconut, and allow to set (put in the fridge).
4). Avoid eating them all until they have set


6 Responses to “Coconut Balls (Dreams)”

  1. Sibyl Barbu Says:

    My 6 Year old daughter Chloe loved doing this simple recipe all by herself and they are very tasty.

  2. TLC Says:

    We made these back in 8th grade.
    As this recipe has become my signature sweet dish at family gatherings… I became adventurous… with adding liquers to mixture for added flavour such as, Baileys, Zambuca, Peppermint, and add the liqure to the remaining coconut to roll the balls in… Each colour varify’s the flavour… pure white coconut = kid friendly ones 🙂

  3. Kristina Says:

    how many litres of sweetened condensed milk do i have to use? i have been searching for coconut balls recipes over the internet, but i have found so many different ones that im confused how to make these right!

  4. Kristina Says:

    oh and how many coconut balls are made using these measurements? (without using marshmallows) thanks!

  5. obsidian Says:

    You really just need enough condensed milk to make the biscuit mixture into a sticky consistency. I’m not sure how many mls are in the tins…

    As to how many – absolutely no idea… it depends how big you make them…

  6. Kristina Says:

    Thanks for your reply
    For anyone who might be interested – I asked a friend and was told that 1 tin weighing 395g would be enough
    Thanks for the recipe, I tried them with marshmallows and they were delicious 🙂

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