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Cupcake Icing/frosting Mixtures November 16, 2008

Filed under: Cakes — obsidian @ 2:26 pm

A couple of icing/frosting recipes to ice cakes with.
You can alter these by adding citrus zest, food colours and flavourings.

Cream Cheese Icing #1:
Mix together 80g softened cream cheese and 60g softened butter.

Cream Cheese Icing #2:
Mix together 125g softened cream cheese, 60g softened butter and 1 tsp vanilla extract. Then gradually mix in 2 cups sifted icing sugar (Add a little milk if you want it softer)

Butter Icing:
Beat 250g softened butter, then add 3 cups softened icing sugar and beat until fluffy. Add 1/4c milk and beat until smooth.

Chocolate Ganache Icing:
Combine 150g chocolate with ¾ cup cream in a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water, stirring occasionally until the chocolate has melted. Allow to cool to room temperature, whisking occasionally.

Real Strawberry Icing:
Mash 4 large strawberries into a puree, and add enough sifted icing sugar to form an icing consistency.


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