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Fried Cheese Sandwich November 16, 2008

Filed under: For Kids,Lunch,Snacks — obsidian @ 8:25 am

Although this sounds horrible and conjures up images of deep frying a sandwich…. but it’s no more fattening than a regular cheese sandwich. It’s like a toasted cheese sandwich but softer, and you don’t need a sandwich toaster.

1). Take a slice of bread, butter (margarine) one side and pop this into a preheated frying pan (don’t add oil or anything to the frypan, just a dry pan) – buttered side down. Quickly add a cheese slice , then top with another slice of buttered bread – butter side up. (so you have a normal cheese sandwich, but buttered sides outwards.
2). Fry until the bread gets golden brown, then flip.
3). Now, I like to put tomato sauce on this, then cut it into little squares (cut into 4) and eat it. I don’t know why, it’s just the way we were given them as a child and it’s stuck. Though if I use tasty cheese or ham in there, I don’t use sauce!

Makes a lovely crispy (but not toast like) melted cheese sandwich. Like a toasted cheese sandwich, but trust me, these taste better.

Call me strange, but I think the plastic type wrapped cheddar cheese slices works best in these, but pre-sliced block cheese works ok too… I find it’s hard to hand slice the cheese thin enough, and if the cheese is too thick it doesn’t melt.


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