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Obsi’s Pizza November 16, 2008

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OK, I have strange taste in a Pizza… Heaps of  cheese, meat, olives and corn.

Corn? Yes corn.. sounds weird I know, but give it a shot. A kinda sweet burst in the pizza, but better than pineapple. I was vegetarian once (hehe yes I was, strange as it may seem), and liked vegetable pizzas. Mum used to make pizza dough and we’d each take a crockery plate, spread out our pizza dough and then the whole kitchen bench would be filled with ingredients, so we’d just use whatever we wanted to make our own unique pizzas. It was great…*happy memories* anyway, I got sidetracked…. I don’t like vegetables on my pizza any more, except the corn has stayed.

Pizza base (make or buy a premade one)
Cheese (mozzarella, I’m lazy and buy pre-grated)
Olives (Kalamata)
Sweet Corn (well drained)
Kabana (a thinner less spicy salami-like thing)
Mushrooms (thinly sliced)
Ham (that shredded pizza stuff if you like… or else normal smoked ham, you chop into fine bits)
Tomato paste*
“Mixed herbs” and sage
Cracked pepper
Garlic, finely chopped

(You may have noticed but onion and capsicum have no place on my pizza… feel free to add them to your own though…..)

* If I use tomato paste, I mix it with some water, and a bunch of herbs, to thin it out a bit..

1). Spread a really thin amount of tomato paste on the bottom (I’m not a huge fan). Sprinkle herbs over it if it’s not mixed through….

2). Put down the ingredients in this order:

  • Corn – I like a fair amount, but must be on the bottom so it doesn’t dry out (or you get popping corn on your pizza, which is not the effect we’re after)
  • Mushroom – a decent amount
  • Ham – cover the entire base with this
  • Cheese – heaps! make sure the other ingredients are covered
  • Kabana – a reasonable amount
  • Olives – halved/chopped olives to decorate the top – a good amount
  • A generous amount of cracked pepper.
  • A scattering of garlic
  • A sprinkle of sage

3). Bake in the oven until cheese has melted and is golden brown



…yes.. I make square pizzas…


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