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Kids Lunchbox ideas – Snacks November 16, 2008

Filed under: For Kids — obsidian @ 1:30 pm

* Resealable bags/containers with wholegrain crackers & cheese.
* Container of dried fruits and nuts (if not nut-free)
* Carrot, celery & cucumber sticks, with a dipping sauce
* Vegetables (Cherry tomatoes, Sugar peas, Mini Beetroots etc.)
* Homemade fruit salad
* Tub of yoghurt
* Vegetable fritters, slice of quiche, savoury muffins etc
* Jellies made from unsweatened gelatine with a little fruitjuice mixed with the water, with tinned fruit.
* “corn chips” made from toasting cut pieces of flat bread or pita bread.
* Pita bread toasted with grated cheese on top.

Please feel free to comment with more.


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