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Making Stock November 16, 2008

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Stocks can be made as a base for soups or stews, or frozen in small portions to add to any dish to add flavour. You can freeze it in small portions after you’ve made it. If you reduce it down so it’s very concentrated you could freeze it as icecubes.

Vegetable stock
Next time you are cutting up vegetables, and have those left over ends of carrots or tomatoes… pop them in a ziplock bag in the freezer to make stock with. Take your pot of water and add some salt and any vegetables you wish. things like broccoli and cabbage tend to be a bit smelly, so be prepared for that. Carrot and celery with a little bit of fresh tomato (not the canned stuff) is usually added. You can add herbs and spices if you like. Boil this for several hours, then strain it.

Bacon stock
Buy some “bacon bones” or Ham hocks… Bacon bones are cheap, and even though there is no real meat on them (there is a little bit), the bones themselves are perfect for making stock. Pop these into a pot of water and boil this for several hours. Strain it and put it in the fridge when cold. You should notice a layer of fat on top. Skim this off and then pour the stock (it might be somewhat solid) into containers/icecube trays to freeze for later use.

Beef/Chicken stock
Next time you have a roast chicken, or some chops….or are cutting up some meat and cut off the fatty bits, don’t throw away the bones/meat…. either freeze them for later use, or make the stock straight away. Pop the whole chicken (leave on any remaining skin and meat bits) into a pot of water, and boil this for several hours. When done, strain it – you might have to pick the left over meat from the bones), and when cool put it in the fridge. You should notice a layer of fat on top, skim this off then pour the stock into containers to freeze.


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