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Pita Bread Pizza November 16, 2008

Filed under: For Kids,Lunch,Pies & Bakes - Savoury,Quick meals,Snacks — obsidian @ 1:12 pm

A quick and simple pizza. Strangely I really like these. A friend introduced me to the idea… now normally I’m the sort of person who likes my pizza base thick, and my toppings plentiful, but I actually like this much lighter version as a bit of a change … and it’s a quick snack thing I often make when I can’t think of anything else, because I keep bags of pita breads in my freezer (buy up big when they go on sale!). If you buy the little pita breads they can make great individual pizzas for kids, or buy the larger ones to make a more normal size pizza.

Pita bread
Tomato paste (or pasta sauce)
Optional: Mushrooms, Kabana/Salami, Olives, Garlic, Chopped fresh Sage & Basil

Tomato paste goes on first, then a very light scattering of the remaining ingredients. The pita bread makes a very thin pizza base, so you don’t want to put too much topping on. If your pita bread is quite moist, bake on a wire rack, or tray with holes for a crispy base…


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