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Rice Paper Rolls November 16, 2008

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Not really authentic, but still nice, and you can add whatever you like to them.

(Things such as)

Rice Noodles (vermicelli)
Rice paper
Grated carrot
Finely chopped cucumber
Coriander leaves
Mint leaves
Tuna (or prawns)
Bean shoots
Soy sauce

1). Dip the rice paper sheet in a bowl of water until wet. Lay on a clean tea towel.
2). Lay some noodles, carrot, cucumber, avocado, tuna/prawn and a sprinkling of soy sauce, chives and chopped mint leaf in a 2 inch strip on the bottom of the circle of rice paper. Fold the bottom edge up over the mix, then the sides over and roll the paper up into a roll.

You could use just about anything in these. The mint gives such a refreshing clean taste.


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