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Special mashed potato November 16, 2008

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Milk (or cream)
Salt and pepper
Spray oil or butter

1). Boil potatoes to make mashed potato. Cut bacon into small pieces and fry. Steam the corn if you wish. When potatoes are cooked mash with some milk really well. No lumps! Just a really smooth mashed potato. If you’re not concerned with your weight, use cream instead of milk… makes a huge difference *drool*
2). Mix in well drained sweet corn (I like sweet juicy frozen as it is usually nicer), a decent amount of salt and cracked pepper, the bacon and cheese (grated).
3). When all mixed, spread out on a plate/tray and lightly spray oil, or brush melted butter over the top. Place under the grill, until top is golden brown.
You can eat this as a meal, or cut it into portions and serve with a meal. You could also form into small individual “mountains”/balls and bake them in the oven instead, and serve a “mountain” to each person.


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