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Easy Peasy Ravioli November 18, 2008

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Perfect for those “ack! it’s dinnertime and I have nothing ready” days.

Simply keep a pack of frozen ravioli/tortellini (those filled pastas) in the freezer and a carton of “velish” vegetable soup (basically just pureed vegies) in the pantry.

Put the ravioli (still frozen) in a saucepan of simmering water and cook for around 10 mins (until pasta is soft). Drain then return to the pot and add the vegetable soup. You can add a handful of grated cheese or half soup and half tomato based pasta sauce if you wish.


Another sauce option, which does take a little more effort, but is still pretty easy, is to finely chop 2 mushrooms and fry them with some onion and garlic, pour a tin of evaporated milk into the frypan, add salt and pepper and allow this to gently simmer and reduce down while the ravioli is cooking.  When the pasta is ready, drain it and ad dit to the frypan, with a handful of grated cheese if you like, and stir this around to coat the pasta.


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