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Meat & Veg Party Pies November 18, 2008

Home made mini pies with hidden vegies!


Puff pastry sheets
Small pasta or rice (optional)
potatoes (optional)
Cooked lentils (Optional)
Tinned chopped tomato (optional)
Gravy powder

Steam vegetables (broccoli, pumpkin, carrot, etc), putting the pasta in the bottom of the steamer to boil. If you want to make potato topped pies (shepherd’s pies) , put potatoes on in another pot to make mashed potato. Once vegetables are steamed, lightly mash them. Once potato is cooked, mash with enough milk to form a creamy mash.

Fry the mince (you can include garlic, onion & seasoning if you wish) in a dry saucepan. Once browned, strain off any fat and return to the pan.  Add the cooked pasta/rice, steamed vegetables and enough tinned tomato (or use stock or liquid from boiling/steaming vegetables with a little tomato paste) to cover and bring to the boil. Add lentils if you wish.  Mix gravy powder with about 1/4cup water and pour into the mixture. Stir until thickened.

Remove from heat and allow to cool slightly. Take pastry sheets and cut into 9 squares. Lightly grease the insides of a muffin tin and lay a pastry square into it. The points will poke out, leave them… Spoon the mince mixture in and fold those points over, then top with a scoop of mashed potato if you wish, or just leave the tops open

Bake at around 200°C until golden brown.


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