Recipe Mama

Vegetable Puffs November 18, 2008

Jam packed with vegies! Can be made in larger batches and frozen.

Puff pastry
Beaten egg (optional)
Seasonings (optional)
Sweet chilli sauce and sour cream for dipping

Steam the vegies, then mash in a colander/sieve to allow excess moisture to drain away. Add any seasonings you want (curry powder, spices, herbs etc.) and mix well. Allow to cool.

If you want to add some bulk, you can mix in about 1/4 cup uncooked couscous and 1/4 cup of the liquid from the steamer, and it should soften by the time you are ready to spoon it onto the pastry.

Cut pastry sheets into 9 squares. Place a heaped teaspoon of mixture onto the pastry and fold the corners over to make a triangle. Let the kids help by using a fork to press around the 2 open edges to seal them. Prick airholes and “paint” with beaten egg if you wish. Bake at around 200°C for around 15 mins or until golden brown.


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