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Chicken & Mushroom Risotto December 12, 2008

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2-4 Chicken Thigh fillets (skin off)
1/4 cup (approx) spring onions (chopped)
4-6 Mushrooms
1 cup raw Arborio Rice
2 cups of boiling water
2 Bacon stock cubes
2 cups (approx) milk (I use milk powder in boiling water)
2 low fat cheese slices
Some spinach – about 1/4-1/2 cup (I use the frozen spinach cubes)
1 sachet of cream of mushroom cup-a-soup (optional)

1). Chop and fry the chicken until browned.
2). Add the Spring onions and mushrooms (thinly sliced) and fry until the chicken is browning/mushrooms are soft.
3). Add the raw rice and stir until the rice is really well warmed. Add the bacon stock cubes to boiling water, and pour half of this into the frying pan. Let the mixture boil/bubble while stirring.
4). When the water has mostly evaporated off, add the remaining water-stock and simmer while stirring. As the mixture starts to get drier (the rice absorbs the liquid) keep adding the 2 cups milk a little at a time.
5). I add a mushroom cup-a-soup, but you can leave that out
6). Keep stirring and adding more milk or water until the rice is cooked (soft). Then serve.


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