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Wild rice blend stirfry December 12, 2008

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Silly name for a recipe, but I don’t know how else to describe it. I bought some organic mixed rice, with “white husked” rice (looks almost like brown rice), red rice and black wild rice. I wanted to do something with it where we’d appreciate the flavour of it without overpowering it too much, so I made this.

Capsicum (can use whatever colour you like)
Sliced Eggplant (the long thin kind which slices nicely for stirfry)
Zucchini, chopped into thin sticks
Sliced Leek
Sweet corn
(carrot and celery go well in here too)
A dash of sweet chilli sauce and a dash of soy sauce

Fry the chicken until browning, then add the capsicum, leek, mushrooms and vegetables, then the garlic just before the end, then pop in the cooked rice and add sauces.


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