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Baked Chicken in Pasta Sauce December 13, 2008

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Pasta sauce (raguletto, dolmio etc. or homemade)
2 chicken breasts/thighs
handfull of mozzarella cheese

1). Place chicken in a small baking dish. Cover with pasta sauce. Make sure the chicken is well coated – especially the bottom (or it will burn to the dish).
2). Bake this in the oven for around an hour (I like to cover the dish with aluminium foil).
3). Boil/steam some rice to serve it on. Or get some vegies cooking
4). Just before you are going to serve it, add the cheese to the top of the dish, and put it back in the oven – uncovered. Cook until the cheese browns.
5). Serve on top rice, or with vegies spooning the extra sauce over the top if you like.


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