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Hamburgers December 13, 2008

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Beef mince
Onion (I prefer spring onion)
red capsicum
Herbs and spices (things like salt and pepper, cumin, ginger, basil, oregano, sage etc.)
1ts curry powder
tomato sauce
BBQ sauce
parmesan cheese
cheese slice
Breadcrumbs or rolled oats
1 teaspoon of wholegrain mustard

1). Finely chop garlic, onion and capsicum and fry these until cooked. Onion and capsicum go in first, then the garlic, as it cooks quicker.
2). In a bowl mix the fried stuff, mince, some herbs and spices, 1 egg, some parmesan cheese and a few teaspoons worth of breadcrumbs or rolled oats (I know.. sounds odd, but hey it actually works!). Add a squirt of tomato sauce and a squirt of BBQ sauce. Add mustard. Mix all this well. If you happen to have leftover rice, a little of that in it is ok too. peas and corn, grated carrot or zucchini all work ok in there too.
3). Form into patties, grill or fry until brown. Apparently if you form them then leave them in the fridge for 30 mins they stay together better… I like to grill this by putting a cake cooler over a tray and putting the patties on the cake cooler so all fat drips off into the tray if I’m using an oven whose grill tray is too solid. Once both sides are done I lay a cheese slice ontop and turn the grill off while I get the bun organised and its melted by the time I go to get it out.
4). Fry remaining egg in an egg ring (if you have one).
5). Assemble burger in the following fashion:

bottom bun
fried egg
meat patty
tomato sauce
top bun


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