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Mustard Carrots December 13, 2008

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I don’t like cooked carrots. But I LOVE these! This was a recipe we did in Grade 7 Cooking class. Can’t remember the quantities, so I just add whatever I feel like.

1 tablespoon Raw sugar
1/2 – 1 teaspoon Mustard (can use powder, but wholegrain mustard is nice)
1-2 Carrots
1/4 cup (approx) Butter

1). Slice your carrot. Make them fairly thin, since it is going to take a while to cook them otherwise.
2). In a saucepan, heat up the butter. Add the carrots, sugar and mustard. Add the carrots, and saute (kinda like frying but not as severe… simmering in butter basically) until the carrots are just soft. (These aren’t cooked as much as you would a normal boiled carrot slice, so they have a bit of firmness).


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