Recipe Mama

Scalloped Potatoes December 13, 2008

4 potatoes (washed with skin on)
1/4c low fat cream
1 tin cream of mushroom soup
1 bacon stock cube (or use vegetable)
1/4c finely chopped spring onion, onion or leek
1/4c-1/2c cheese
Boiling water

1). Slice the potatoes into slices, leaving the skin on. Don’t discard the end bits, they work fine.
2). In a baking dish lay down a light layer of the mushroom soup (straight fromt the can).
3). layer one layer of the potato slices on top
4). sprinkle half the onion/leek and half the cheese onto this
5). pour half the cream and half the mushroom soup onto this, and use a spoon to mix it around to cover the potato as much as possible.
6). add another layer of potato slices
7). pour the remaining cream and soup over the top and spread it out evenly.
8). pour some boiling water into a cup, add the bacon stock and stir until dissolved. Pour enough of this over the potato mix until all potato is covered in liquid.
9). Sprinkle remaining onion and cheese ontop.
10). cover with foil and bake on a high (200C) oven for about 45mins, then remove the foil and let bake for another 15 mins or so (until the top goes a bit crispy and the potatoes are soft.


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