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Schnitzels December 13, 2008

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1 Egg
flour (you might be able to substitute for something else, I often use soy or buckwheat flour)
parmesan cheese (not fresh, the dried packet kind)
parsley and other herbs
salt, pepper and other spices
Garlic powder – normally I consider it evil , but its handy for this.
Oil for frying
thin steaks

1). pour flour into a bowl or on a plate. Do same for breadcrumbs (on another plate). Beat egg and put it in another bowl/plate (add a bit of water if you’re doing a lot of these)
2). Put some herbs, spices and cheese into the breadcrumbs and mix well.. the more herbage, the more flavour.
3). Take the meat and press it into the flour to fully coat it. Then dip this is the egg to coat it, then in the breadcrumbs. Make sure it is fully coated by pressing it down in the crumbs until it ‘canne take no more‘…
4). Fry in a fryingpan of oil (shallow fry), until the coating is golden brown..flip and brown the other side then drain on paper towels (I press one into the top too).


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