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Slow Cooker Tips December 13, 2008

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* Lifting the lid off the slow cooker lets some of the heat (steam) to escape which can lengthen the cooking time by 30 minutes.
* Stirring is generally not necessary until time to serve.
* Your slow cooker should be at least 1/2 full to ensure proper cooking.
* Adapting favourite oven recipes to a slow cooker:
Conventional Oven Baking Time 15-30minutes/30-45 minutes/50 minutes-3 hours
Slow Cooker (High) 1 1/2 – 2 hours/ 3-4 hours / 4-6 hours
Slow Cooker (Low) 4-6 hours/ 6-10 hours/ 8-18 hours
* One hour on high heat is equal to 2 1/2 hours on low heat (heat varies from brand to brand)
* Don’t add more liquid than a recipe calls for, as liquid is retained.
* If there’s too much liquid at the end of cooking time and you want to thicken it, stir in some instant mashed potato flakes, instant tapioca, flour or cornstarch.

(From Anaya from – who got it from a cookbook)

* Spray the dish with cooking spray to stop food sticking
* Cut up the ingredients the night before and have them in the fridge ready to add to the slow cooker next morning.
* Warm rolls for your soup by wrapping in foil and placing on the lid of the slow cooker
* If you coat meats in flour it helps thicken the liquid
* Add dairy products in the last 10 (high) to 20 (low) mins to avoid curdling



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