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Castle Cake January 4, 2009

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Children’s birthday cake idea….that looks like a castle! (or if you’re like me, an adult’s birthday cake :))

You will need:
2 x Cake mix (or ingredients to make 2 cakes)
1 “furry friend” or similar thin rectangle chocolate bar
Jelly snakes, musk sticks and other things to decorate with
Icing sugar (and butter if making butter frosting)
box of “nutragrain” brick shaped cereal


1). Bake 2 cakes (square) and 4 large cupcakes (or make it in a tube cake tin and cut 4 equal slices) using your cake mix of choice (choc mud is good)…
2). Put a layer of jam and cream ontop of one square cake, then top it with the other square cake, so you have a large square cake. Stick a cupcake on each corner with the jam/cream to form turrets. Ice the cake with chocolate icing/frosting to cover the lot.
3). You can stick the windows and door on before you brick or after – it’s up to you (see below on that)
4). Have a bowl of more choc icing/frosting and your box of nutragrain. Using the nutragrain like bricks, apply the mortar (icing) and lay your bricks to cover the cake – including your turrets. Remembering that real bricks are laid overlapping, not one ontop of the other. When doing the top of the turrets (and cake if you wish) do the embattlements (the poking up bits) by laying a brick upwards instead of flat, followed by a flat one, and so on.
5). Stick the “furry friend” to the front of the castle, as the door. Cut a bit of snake/mashmallow etc. off and stick that to the door to make a doorknob. Or you can get creative and make a portcullis from liquorice strips and make the chocolate into a drawbridge. Add windows and things if you wish…. you can always spread melted chocolate on a tray and when it has just set, cut out your window shapes, and use that.

Now, I’ve heard that laying cut up jelly babies/snakes on waxed paper and baking in the oven until they melt makes a stained glass window effect, but it just burned and stuck to the paper for me, so I’d suggest cutting a square shape from a marshmallow, and cutting the back and front off so its all sticky, and stick it to the walls, then cut thin slices of snake or other transparent coloured jelly lolly to make a decorative stained glass window…

I guess you could make windows and doors from fondant icing – and use food colour to paint them… Use your imagination.


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