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Quick & Easy Strawberry cake January 4, 2009

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Packet cake mix (Vanilla or butter cake)  or use basic cakemix
1 tin strawberries (or other berries…. tinned is better than fresh for this recipe due to the jaminess of them)
Dash of vanilla essence
2 tablespoons milk powder
and whatever ingredients the cake mix requires (usually 1 egg and milk)
Icing sugar to decorate

Puree the strawberries (or mash and leave some bits whole), add the milk powder (for extra creaminess). Make cakemix as the packet says, but instead of adding the milk, add the strawberry puree (which will be a bit more liquid than the milk would equal to – but that should be fine and make a moist cake). Beat well. Then let stand for a minute to release some air. Pour into greased/lined cake tin Bake according to packet mix. When browned and cooked, remove from tin and dust with icing sugar.


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