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Crumbing mixture June 9, 2009

Filed under: Ingredients — obsidian @ 12:59 pm

Use this mixture to give a bit of an extra zing to crumbed things (schnitzels, chicken nuggets, patties etc.)

In a large bowl mix together wholegrain breadcrumbs, powdered parmesan cheese, sesame seeds, garlic powder, salt, pepper, some herbs (things like chives, basil and parsley are good) and spices (whatever you like, try cumin, cardamon, and a touch of mixed spice).

Store this in an airtight container, and when you need to crumb something, pour a little out into a plate/flattish bowl, and crumb the item in that. You can then pour in more as needed. Don’t reuse crumbs, as there will be traces of the food you are crumbing left behind (and raw meat will spoil the crumbs)


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