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Breakfast Quiches January 19, 2013

Filed under: Breakfast,Nibblies and party Snacks,Pies & Bakes - Savoury — obsidian @ 2:03 pm


These can be whipped up pretty quickly for a nice breakfast treat.

grated cheese
bread or ham for the casing (optional)
Corn, peas and/or spinach
mixed herbs, salt & pepper (or other spices to taste)



Lightly grease a muffin tin.  If using bread as the casing, cut the crusts off and roll the bread flat, then use a cookie/scone cutter to make rounds, press these into the muffin tins.  You can also use pieces of ham for a low-carb version (ham with no splits works better otherwise the egg leaks through).  You can make them without anything in the pan, but they may stick a little more.


Mix all the ingredients together to your preferred taste.  You could add other ingredients in there – experiment to find something you like.  Bake in the oven for about 15 mins until the egg has set.


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