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Spinach & Riocotta Lasagne Scrolls April 19, 2013

Filed under: Pasta Dishes,Pies & Bakes - Savoury — obsidian @ 2:12 pm

This was a recipe I saw on Pintrest.  I’ll be honest – it’s nice, but a lot of fiddly work that I’m not sure I can be bothered making again….  but here’s the recipe you can try yourself.


Essentially it’s a bit of a fancy version of cannelloni….  The idea is that you get the lasagne sheets that are long and thin (the curly edged ones look nice), boil them until they are soft, then drain them and spread them with a mixture of spinach and riocotta – then roll them up.  You then bake these with some pasta sauce (you’ll want some on the base and top, or they will stick to the bottom)

The problems I encountered with this is that a lot of the curly edges were broken off in the pack which is annoying.  I couldn’t find a good way to let the cooked pasta drain and cool enough to handle, without it sticking together…..  it was a bit time consuming… but it was quite tasty.  I topped ours with grated tasty cheese.

An easier way to do it would be to buy the fresh pasta sheets and use those (or make your own pasta), which wouldn’t need precooking, avoiding those issues I had.


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