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Pastry Pizzas June 14, 2009


These are simple and make great party food.  Just take sheets of frozen puff pastry, spread with tomato paste or pesto, add toppings and bake!


Simple toppings work best,  because the pastry is thin you can’t have too much topping.  Try:

  • Ham, cheese & tomato paste (with olives or pineapple on top)
  • Basil or olive pesto with cheese
  • basil pesto with ham, cheese, mushrooms & olives

You can cut the pastry into shapes before adding toppings if you like.



Pizza Dough June 7, 2009

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(makes 2-3 large thin pizzas, or perhaps 1 large thick crust one)

3 cups plain flour
1 tb dry yeast
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
3 tb olive oil
1cup warm water

In a heatproof large bowl, mix all the ingredients together to combine. Knead in the bowl until mixture is all together.

Turn out onto a floured surface and knead for a few minutes until the dough is smooth. Form into a ball

Rub/spray the inside of the bowl with oil, and place the dough ball back into the bowl. Cover with a damp teatowel and leave it to rise for an hour somewhere warm. It should double in size

If you don’t have somewhere warm (I’m guessing about 30ºC would be good?), turn the oven on for a moment to get it to a nice warm temp, then turn the oven off and place the bowl in there. You could also put the bowl on the top/mantle of a fireplace, or even in a sink of hot water

Once doubled, take dough out and punch it to remove air. Break into 1-2 pieces and roll out to desired thickness. Place on your pizza tray.

Top with your fave pizza toppings, and bake 220ºC for 20 minutes or 250°C for 10 – 15 minutes.


Sneaky Vegie Pizza November 16, 2008

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(My daughter likes to pile everything in the centre it seems)

Most parents are trying to get their kids to eat more veg right? Well actually I’m blessed with a daughter who actually asks for things like brussle sprouts, but I know that for some parents, hiding veg in things is the only way to get it in. So here’s an idea for you.

Instead of tomato paste on a pizza base, you might like to try steaming some vegetables, and mashing/pureeing them and spread that on the pizza bases…. either as is, or mixed with tomato paste……Things like pumpkin, potato, sweet potato work best…. you might be able to sneak some green stuff on there depending on how receptive your kids are. We make a big deal of it – we brew up a “health potion” to put on the pizzas to “make us healthy”, and that’s apparently fun 🙂  but you may want to put it on a bit more covertly if that’s not going to fly with your kids…You might also be able to get the kids to add peas and corn to the pizza (I personally love corn on pizza)

Don’t forget things like capsicum, mushrooms, onions – they are vegetables!

Another idea is to thinly slice potato, pumpkin or sweet potato, steam until soft, then cool and cut into shapes with cookie cutters and lay those on the pizza. Come on, who wouldn’t want a dinosaur on their pizza?

Pretty much I think if it looks like a pizza, and the kids can decorate it themselves, then it should be a hit… so you can try and sneak some things in there 😀

If you make your own pizza bases, you can let your kids make their own pizzas, so you can have your own to your tastes, and they can have theirs


Pita Bread Pizza

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A quick and simple pizza. Strangely I really like these. A friend introduced me to the idea… now normally I’m the sort of person who likes my pizza base thick, and my toppings plentiful, but I actually like this much lighter version as a bit of a change … and it’s a quick snack thing I often make when I can’t think of anything else, because I keep bags of pita breads in my freezer (buy up big when they go on sale!). If you buy the little pita breads they can make great individual pizzas for kids, or buy the larger ones to make a more normal size pizza.

Pita bread
Tomato paste (or pasta sauce)
Optional: Mushrooms, Kabana/Salami, Olives, Garlic, Chopped fresh Sage & Basil

Tomato paste goes on first, then a very light scattering of the remaining ingredients. The pita bread makes a very thin pizza base, so you don’t want to put too much topping on. If your pita bread is quite moist, bake on a wire rack, or tray with holes for a crispy base…


Obsi’s Pizza

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OK, I have strange taste in a Pizza… Heaps of  cheese, meat, olives and corn.

Corn? Yes corn.. sounds weird I know, but give it a shot. A kinda sweet burst in the pizza, but better than pineapple. I was vegetarian once (hehe yes I was, strange as it may seem), and liked vegetable pizzas. Mum used to make pizza dough and we’d each take a crockery plate, spread out our pizza dough and then the whole kitchen bench would be filled with ingredients, so we’d just use whatever we wanted to make our own unique pizzas. It was great…*happy memories* anyway, I got sidetracked…. I don’t like vegetables on my pizza any more, except the corn has stayed.

Pizza base (make or buy a premade one)
Cheese (mozzarella, I’m lazy and buy pre-grated)
Olives (Kalamata)
Sweet Corn (well drained)
Kabana (a thinner less spicy salami-like thing)
Mushrooms (thinly sliced)
Ham (that shredded pizza stuff if you like… or else normal smoked ham, you chop into fine bits)
Tomato paste*
“Mixed herbs” and sage
Cracked pepper
Garlic, finely chopped

(You may have noticed but onion and capsicum have no place on my pizza… feel free to add them to your own though…..)

* If I use tomato paste, I mix it with some water, and a bunch of herbs, to thin it out a bit..

1). Spread a really thin amount of tomato paste on the bottom (I’m not a huge fan). Sprinkle herbs over it if it’s not mixed through….

2). Put down the ingredients in this order:

  • Corn – I like a fair amount, but must be on the bottom so it doesn’t dry out (or you get popping corn on your pizza, which is not the effect we’re after)
  • Mushroom – a decent amount
  • Ham – cover the entire base with this
  • Cheese – heaps! make sure the other ingredients are covered
  • Kabana – a reasonable amount
  • Olives – halved/chopped olives to decorate the top – a good amount
  • A generous amount of cracked pepper.
  • A scattering of garlic
  • A sprinkle of sage

3). Bake in the oven until cheese has melted and is golden brown



…yes.. I make square pizzas…