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Spinach & Mushroom Gravy January 4, 2009

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In a very lightly oiled frying pan (or you can use a little water instead) fry 2 large mushrooms (sliced), and 2 cloves chopped garlic, about 1tb dried basil, a cube of frozen (defrosted) spinach (or about 1/2 cup fresh)… then add about 1/2c water to about 1b gravy powder add that into the pan. Stir until thick and serve.

If making gravy to go with steaks, try this…. Fry the steak in a tiny bit of oil in a frypan, then once each side is browned, remove the steaks and put them on a plate to “rest” and add about 1/4 cup water and the mushrooms etc. to the pan, stirring to allow the baked on meat juices to form a gravy. Once that water has almost gone, add the gravy powder mix, and when that has thickened add the steaks back in (with any juices), and let them simmer in there for a minute or so, stirring the gravy around so it doesn’t burn, then flip them over for another minute or so to finish cooking the other side. (I find simmering the steaks in the gravy makes a really nice moist steak with delicious gravy)


Chargrilled Steak and Vegies December 13, 2008

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Small amount of oil
Sweet Corn

Optional mushroom gravy:
Spring Onions

1). Wash or peel the potato. Cut the potato into slices (fairly thin – about 1/2 a cm thick). Cut pumpkin into similar sized slices. Put these in a saucepan of boiling water/steamer until soft. Chop the Zucchini into slices twice as thick as the potato, and simmer those until they start to soften. Drain these vegies well and put them to the side.
2). Mix the oil and the herbs/spices together. You could add some garlic if you like.

Depending on how well done you like your steak, or how thick it is…. you might need to put the vegies on the grill first, or the meat. I like well cooked vegies and a medium rare steak… so this is how I do it:

3). Lightly brush the pumpkin with the oil mix. Put the pumpkin on the grill. Do the same for the potato. You need to do this carefully, as the soft potato and pumpkin will break up easily. Lastly, add the zucchini.
4). Add the meat to the grill. (no need to brush with oil). Put the broccoli and corn on to boil/steam.
4b). If making the mushroom sauce… chop ingredients (the “optional” ones). and fry them lightly. Add gravy powder and water, and let this simmer. Add herbs/spices to season. Put some peas, corn etc. into a steamer or pan of water to cook.
5). When you think that side is done, brush with oil and flip them over. I don’t know how long that will take… it depends on how well you like them cooked. Just remember if you lift it up and put it back down… you’ll ruin that cool stripy effect Wink
6). When both sides are done, drain the vegies, add everything to the plate (in a decorative fashion of course) and top with your optional gravy….. yum!

If your grill isn’t big enough for putting everything on, you might like to have the oven on at about 60C and do the vegies first, put them on a plate/tray in the oven with foil on top and keep them warm. Or you can do the meat first and put that on a plate with alfoil on and let it sit while you do the vegies.



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1 Egg
flour (you might be able to substitute for something else, I often use soy or buckwheat flour)
parmesan cheese (not fresh, the dried packet kind)
parsley and other herbs
salt, pepper and other spices
Garlic powder – normally I consider it evil , but its handy for this.
Oil for frying
thin steaks

1). pour flour into a bowl or on a plate. Do same for breadcrumbs (on another plate). Beat egg and put it in another bowl/plate (add a bit of water if you’re doing a lot of these)
2). Put some herbs, spices and cheese into the breadcrumbs and mix well.. the more herbage, the more flavour.
3). Take the meat and press it into the flour to fully coat it. Then dip this is the egg to coat it, then in the breadcrumbs. Make sure it is fully coated by pressing it down in the crumbs until it ‘canne take no more‘…
4). Fry in a fryingpan of oil (shallow fry), until the coating is golden brown..flip and brown the other side then drain on paper towels (I press one into the top too).


Steak with mushroom gravy

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Spring Onions
Capsicum (optional – use red, it looks nicer)
Cracked pepper
1 small clove of Garlic
Gravy powder (“gravox” etc.)
Corn flour
Optional – fresh herbs such as chives, basil, oregano, thyme and rosemary.

whatever vegetables you want to serve this with.

1). In a frying pan, place a little oil and then put the pan on to get hot. Place the steak into this hot pan and cook for about a minute on each side – just until they have browned. You aren’t cooking them, just sealing the sides.
2). Take the steaks out and place on a plate to “rest”
3). Chop the onion, capsicum, mushrooms and garlic. Place all but the garlic into the pan and fry until just starting to brown, add the garlic and fry until everything browns.
4). Add about a teaspoon of gravy powder to a coffee mug and add some water (about half a cup) and mix well. Pour this (plus 1 extra cup of water) into the frying pan. Add any of the fresh herbs you like (chopped)
5). Place the steaks back into the pan of gravy, and simmer these for your desired amount of time. If you like your steaks “medium”, this will be quicker than if you like them “well done” for example. I think steaks are best when they are just slightly pinkish in the centre, but some people prefer them totally cooked through and some people prefer them still bleeding. It is up to you.

have your vegies on cooking

6). When your steaks are done to your personal tastes, take them out and place them on the plate, with any vegetables you made, and add about a teaspoon of corn flour to a few tablespoons of water – mix well and then add this to the gravy. Mix it through. bring to the boil and it should thicken. Pour this over your steak and vegetables if you desire. You can add a little cheese to this gravy to make a cheesy mushroom gravy